1.1.5 - bugfixes + full game footage

Hi all,

We've just published version 1.1.5 of the Prologue. This contains a few fixes:

  • Fixed bug not being able to delete saves
  • Fixed bug not being able to store framerate
  • No more internet connectivity required for features such as the cavern of names and the shrine
  • Various other small fixes to performance, stability and design

Full game footage

We also have something else for you: a video showcase of the Arena in the full game! Know that what you're seeing is still subject to change, incomplete and not bug free. The arena will be a side activity in the full game, but it's very important to us early on to finetune combat mechanics.

That's it for now. We hope you've enjoyed it!

Mikel & Ramon


unsung-warriors-prologue-windows64.zip 89 MB
Version 1.1.5 Apr 11, 2022
unsung-warriors-prologue-osx.zip 91 MB
Version 1.1.5 Apr 11, 2022
unsung-warriors-prologue-linux.zip 109 MB
Version 1.1.5 Apr 11, 2022

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