1.1.1 - Kickstarter live!

Hi all,

We've released a small update which ties in with our just launched Kickstarter campaign. We'd like to start of by sharing the trailer with you:

A successful Kickstarter campaign will allow us to speed up development towards an Early Access release. We'll have several rewards, and all reward tiers include having your name engraved in the Cavern of Names.

Besides launching our Kickstarter campaign, we also launced version 1.1.1 of the Prologue. Because we want players to keep on exploring, we've added a new secret room, the location of which was conceived at our Discord. It's very hard to find, so to add a small hint: it's only reachable in two player mode (also when one player controls both characters). For more hints, check out the secrets channel on our Discord.

Like what you see? Consider supporting our Kickstarter campaign or help spread the word!

Cheers, Mikel & Ramon


unsung-warriors-prologue-windows64.zip 89 MB
Version 1.1.1 Apr 20, 2021
unsung-warriors-prologue-osx.zip 91 MB
Version 1.1.1 Apr 20, 2021
unsung-warriors-prologue-linux.zip 109 MB
Version 1.1.1 Apr 20, 2021

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And we've just forwarded to v1.1.3, which improves the tree collider in the shrine and fixes a rare game freeze in the throne room.

And we've added 1.1.2, which contains a bugfix in the pig's behaviour