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played this for hours getting all the secrets and weapons an amazing game, and so far my fav game ive ever gotten from keep up the great work and i cant wait to play the final product. 

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Thanks! If you want to stay up to date or even be involved in the creation of the full game, please support our Kickstarter campaign!

will do


No 32 bits version? u-u

We use an automated mechanism to update our builds, which unfortunately doesn't allow for a distinction between 32 and 64 bit for Windows. On Steam and Gamejolt a 32bit version is available.

Great Game, This game has quite good graphics and has a good story line.

I remember playing this game back in 2018 and i loved it because of the smooth animations and colorful graphics. I have played this game 3 times now and i like the addition to be able to go back after completing and going to that tree. What i suggest is to add more after defeating the skeleton boss. Example, make the shop that is at the left of the map(the one next to that tree) have more powerful and different, never-seen-before items. It is really a great game and i hope well!

very nice work!

I'm enjoying the game so far. I will be uploading a part 2

Finally got to try this, I love the story so far, and the graphics, I do also like the battle style, fighting ghouls and goblins are my favorite types of games, not to mention versatility of weaponry, has traps and all kinds of interesting mechanics! :D I had a blast, and hope you guys can finish the game! I would totally be down to play!

I played the demo and recorded a video for it on my channel. Needless to say, I was impressed! Not only is the demo pretty polished, you guys nailed native DualShock 4 support (it is the best controller, imo)!

I plan on getting the game when it gets funded and fully release! With there being a two player, I do want to test that out as well. Is the two player online or local only?

Thanks! Although a matter of personal preference, I share the opinion that DS4 is the best controller for this game, because I personally prefer playing 2D games with the dpad, and the DS4 has the dpad in a more prominent position.

It will be local only. We will try to support services like parsec for peers with very low latency, but ideally you would play this together on the couch.

That's cool!

Ah, local couch co-op.  Just thought I'd ask! Keep up the good work! :D

Went hands on and want to say I love this game. Very polished. Super rad. Def someone I plan on supporting via Kickstarter. Can't wait to get with a friend to do co-op.

Great to hear! The campaign runs until 18 February but the sooner you  back, the closer to the entrance your name will appear in the Cavern of Names.

game is great. wondeful polish. the first boss is insanely difficult to beat myself tho.

this game is really cool i  had a great awesome blast playing this i kept on playing this over and over and over i really love this game

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Thanks! Be sure to check out our Kickstarter for campaign for the creation of the full game!

Had a blast trying the demo! Keep up the good work!

Nicely done! Haha, there's no escaping the Skeleton Boss unfortunately...

thanks! Although I feel like I cheated by using the bow so much so might have to give it another play through 

Absolutely loved the game, fun gameplay and amazing graphics!


Nice video! And thanks for the support at the end :)

No problem, I always make sure to tell people to support the devs at the end of my vids!

I mean after all, without indie devs, let's players like me wouldn't have much of anything to play, lol.

I'm truly impressed with the art quality and gameplay! Congratulations

Do I suck at this game or is it really hard? hahahaha I don't know is it because of the controls, or simply because it's hard (But I finished it! yaay). Cool game, I hope you go well on kickstarter.

Haha, glad you've made it to the finish line! I guess we should UP the difficulty level then. ;P

This is like some of my favourite games smooshed into one, will be interesting to see the full game when it's out.

Really loved this game and i can't wait until it's fully released

Fun game! 

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Glad you liked it!


Thanks! We're releasing an update today, along with our Kickstarter campaign!

This game was awesome! I hope you guys get some funding for this game because I'm buying immediately! Probably the best Indie game I've ever played!

Thanks for the kind words! Nice to hear you liked the demo.

Great game, everything was very polished, can't wait for the full game to releas

Great demo! I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the full game!


Wow, that was really fun! Can't wait till the full release.

Great to hear! 15 January we'll start the Kickstarter campaign.

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I love this game, I've played it twice already, I can't wait for the kickstarter to start! Here is the first two episodes of my gameplay walktrhough, I have more to upload tomorrow :)


Nice, was fun to see. Great perseverance during the collapse section :). Hopefully you were able to beat the boss as well!

Hahaha, thanks! The collapse section was longer than I thought it was going to be and I was still getting used to not using 'wasd', I haven't used arrow keys in years! 😂

Here is the third part, I struggled with the boss fight  but I finally figured it out :)

awesome demo, good artwork and gameplay! I am hyped for the full release!

Thanks, great to hear!

nice  good game and very optimized except for the logo at the start,

We're gonna look into it. Luckily it doesn't impact gameplay!

great job guys! Amazing artwork!

Thanks! When we launch the kickstarter on 15 January 2019, the demo will get updated with some extra (small) areas to showcase our artwork. Sneak preview can already be found in the dev log and our news letter.

real cool plat former game 


Thanks! You surely showed those skeletons (e.g 4:48 and 11:30)!

thanks looking forward to the full game. good job on the amazing art style :D

This is going to be a great game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Great playthrough, and thanks for your kind words!

omg this is such a great game!

I will be the first to download the actual game!

Thanks, great to hear! Stay tuned for our crowd funding campaign on 15 January - 18 February 2019!

This demo is awesome! I am so excited to see what the game provides in terms of story because so far I am very intrigued. Weapons and upgrade system also looks interesting and gameplay is just phenomenal! Check out my video of playing throuhg the demo: 


Glad you liked it! The boss fight in your video was pretty amazing! As for the story... we'll reveal more about the main story line (and lot's of other features) in our upcoming kickstarter campaign (on January 15).

Ok so I have almost gotten to the end I am on the boss and it's really difficult but still so much fun. So the reason I went onto was because my xbox was broken and my laptop isn't very powerful so I want to find some free indie games and boy am I glad i did. This game has everything I want you get to play as a viking it has a really fun combat system and an incredibly awesome boss. The character design is incredible as well as the animations. I also love that you can buy new weapons.

Good to hear! We've optimized the game a lot, so it should run on most low end devices.
You probably have defeated the boss by now. If not... try to use the dash to quickly move out of the way of his attack and beware of his backslash attack.

Thank you for the tip I beat him yesterday it was a really fun challenge can't wait to see how this game grows!

i did a deathless 11:59 speed run!


first of all i loved the demo, i ll be sure to follow you , so that i can check the progress. Simple art and to the point. One question though , is the art vector based?

Yes, the art is vector based.  For characters we sketch out the basic concept first and then clean them up with vector graphics. The background art is a combination over vectors and hand painted shading.

thank you for your time and effort.. Keep putting love in the game, and it will shine...

What program did you use for 2d graphics?

A lot of fun and shenanigans to be had with the Couch Co-op.

The secret room after finding the bombs was a nice touch as well.

Thanks guys, love the playthrough! And although hilarious, it's not very useful to respawn the other player above a pitfall. Gonna put that on the backlog.

I seriously replayed this demo at least 3 times, I love it! I would totally buy the Full Version when it comes out.

Thanks! Be sure to stay tuned for the Kickstarter Campaign, 15 January 2019!

Regards from two Rick and Morty fans

I dislike the control buttons. Is there anyway to change?  

In the menu, go to Settings -> Controls. Select the controller of the player you want to change and hit "Set buttons P*". There you can assign custom keys to actions. I'd recommend you to update to 0.3 which we released one hour ago, as it fixes a rare bug on assigning controls.

Wow, this game is great!

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