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Hi ! Just finished the demo, I had fun and hope I can get some friends to try co-op mode ! Do you intend to keep it to 2 players, or would more players be a possibility in the future ? Maybe with increased difficulty (more ennemies, more boss HP…) to compensate.

I am eager to discover the rest of the story and that universe. 

I like how it looks so far, the controls are responsive although maybe a bit sluggish. I don't think the game would suffer from everything going a little (or much) faster : player movement and attacks, enemy movement and attacks, projectiles, everything can stand being a bit more nervous and fast-paced. But it's very playable like this. The Dash and Double Jump are appreciated, it's a bit strange that the aerial dash doesn't preserve momentum but I understand that it could be for balancing reasons.

Minor details and gratuitous suggestions :
– I know that historical accuracy is not the goal here (character have bombs after all…), but is feels a bit strange to see cross-shaped tombstones in a pre-christianised (and even pre-romanised, if I got it right) environment. Tombstones are easy to decipher visually, even with a simpler shape. Same goes with gothic-looking archs, it's a bit unsettling.
– I like what you've done with the 1-handed/2-handed system. Do you intend to develop that for other things than melee weapons ? Or could there be other possible actions for the shield slot, like spells ? Other kinds of bows and/or ranged weapons (slings and throwing spears come to mind) maybe ?
- The healing spells could use not working when you're already full health. They could also use a nerf to make them more strategic, such as "1 use, then you have to destroy an enemy to use it again". Each spell could be evolving as well : buying it again to make it more powerful.
- It could be nice to have weapons whose modifier isn't just damage, but range and/or speed (a spear comes to mind). But maybe you're already implementing it with the war club ? I wasn't sure
- Being able to buy ability modifiers instead of just weapons and spells could be funny (higher jump, longer dash, more attack range…)
- It'd be nice if pushing the joystick up or down while in the air could orient attacks, let's say 45° up or down for a bit more aerial flexibility – unless that would make the character overpowered.
- Some chests reset after dying. This means if the chest was after a checkpoint, each time I die I can open it again for 10 gold. Not much but it does feel a bit like an (albeit grindy) "infinite gold glitch". Maybe this is intentional, a little help when a player gets stuck somewhere ?

Welp, that was longer than I envisioned. I'm eager to see what you'll come up with. Stay awesome !

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Thanks a lot for your comments! And you've got an eye for good ideas, haha. We're currently much further in development and although the basic formula remains the same, a lot of your suggestions were implemented in one form or another! Refined movement, more weapons, healing spells that require combat engagement,  combat modifiers etc. You can check our Kickstarter updates to see how it's progressing.

Some things we've tried but didn't work out. Vertical directional combat doesn't fit our hack-slash influence. Faster pacing made p1 and p2 get out of screen too quickly. But that's game development: trying and scrapping. 

I see, thanks for your answer ! Of course, there's a lot of trial-and-error and I trust your choices. Will the finished game be available for purchase on as well as on Steam ? I'll remember the kickstarter for latest updates.

Yes to both!

this shit looks sick as hell, cant wait to try it. like ill be honest i really dislike the artstyle but that gameplay looks so cool that im actually gonna try this

exelente juego para pc de bajos recursos


Update please excelent game, more need more levels more the game is excellent with great gameplay me and my brother played the same level three times so please continue


trash game

im just being honest

Lie,trash you


The game is dope. Animations are smooth, the gameplay is awesom. i chear you up. I may be broke but i'll try to support you somehow.


So good, i LOVE this

awesome game !! congratulations

I would recommend to my friends who are playing 2d type of fighting game like brawlhalla or mario as this game was awesome and the feeling of hit? was just amazing.

There are very few games I've played that I've felt like they were created for me, and only three here on itch. Currently, this game is at the top of the list. Everything is perfect, from the artstyle, animations, and graphics to the gameplay, the mechanics, the humor, the controls, EVERYTHING! There's not enough space on here for everything I want to say, trust me, But this game is awesome 10/10. I realize the fill game is probably almost, if not entirely complete by now, but I really hope the full game isn't much different...

Thanks a bunch for the encouraging comment!

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You earned it! Lol. And I've been playing the game A LOT since then, and I discover something new almost every time!


Amazing game, love it!!


can you use controller??

Yes, the game can be played with a controller. 

I had to enter that Crypt so many times lol.

At first I entrered just to finish the game normally, but I forgot to save that mf guy lol, so i had to play again to save him, then he gifted me with a bomb and I knew exactly what to do :enter the dungeon again, and finally, i had to play my last time to get that girl's cooper sword. 

I mean, it wasn't bad, I really, really enjoyed the game and surely wanna play the sequel. Nice job buddy!

Sooooo cool

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

seems like a great game sadly whenever I launch it the game crashes. :

Congratulations nice game...

I invite you to visit my Channel

Thank you

A soon

Thanks for the vid!

I can't install

Sorry to hear! What kind of error do you get?

The game just doesn't start the download

Will there ever be an online mode. Just asking

I also really loved playing the game on my laptop with my little brother even if i don't have a controller. might be doing the speedrun soon

We don't have plans for that, but you can try Parsec or Steam's Remote Play Together to play with a friend!

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How do you make it work with parsec. do i use the sdk or what

Also i can only use Remote Play with steam games


Hi,  cool game. I played this demo 4 times :D

Wow nice, you've probably unlocked all the weapons then, or you might have found the cave with names on the wall. If you want your name up there head over to our Kickstarter campaign. We've also uploaded new screenshots and a new trailer there.

Hii, I've played the prologue and made a video about it ^^, I want to share it along with some feedback, hopefully it is useful to you :D

-The concept of the game works quite great.

-The visual style of the game is really well done and has a lot of personality.

-The gameplay mechanics are easy to get into and quite interesting to use as they are pretty well integrated with the game itself.

-The level design is quite good, I really like how some objects are placed on the levels to be used with some kind of strategy ^^

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks for the playthrough video! Always fun to see people playing our game!

you are welcome :D

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Cannot wait until it is available. Love it for years now!!!  

Why my image doesn't show?

Thanks! You can help this game become a reality by backing the Crowdfunding campaign in 15 days.

Hi, I am using 2 gamepads on MacOs.
First time they worked fine; from second time on, one works fine and the other one moves both players. Can you please suggest how to fix?

In the main menu, under Settings -> Controls, assign the correct controller to the correct player.

Also, if you like what you're playing, consider subscribing to our crowdfunding campaign :)

Unsung Warriors: a Story Driven Action-Platformer by Osarion & Mountaineer — Kickstarter

Its a demanding game (cpu & gpu), but awesome!

To those asking if The Prologue demo or not. Yes, it is demo, it takes about 30 minutes to beat. Only 1st level included with just 1 boss. Still, a good game, though it may seem a little bit boring in comparison with late time advanced metroidvania games (Dead Cells, Shantae, Minoria and etc.)

omg this is like my dream game 22d,action packed, i luuv this game im excited for the full release hope its not gonna be too expensive


i played this game like 10 times solo and with a friend. this game is sooooooo good. like a new cuphead but you dont die every 30 seconds.

I loved it. Wasn't aware it was a demo, but I kept wondering why I was playing it for free. Can't wait for the full game, sign me up as a paying customer.

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Is it a complete game or is it just a demo? If it's a demo, when do you finish making a game?


I loved the game and can't wait for a full version! I made a review! I hope I did this some justice.

Is it a complete game or is it just a demo?

I'm stuck here. How do i go further?

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I figured it out. 

Spoiler for anyone else who got stuck on this:

You have to go underwater through a tunnel that goes to your right.

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Anyways, I just finished the game and it's absolutely amazing. Definitely worth your time and I could definitely see myself replaying this on uneventful afternoon.

Looks Cool

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Great Game!!

Spanish Review / Review en ESPAÑOL...


It was a bit tricky what with the rockfall and the boss, but once i completed it and went back in about 4 or 5 more times. Awesome game and I'm excited to see what you do with it.

Excellent game! Played on Steam, I am waiting for the final release!

YESSSS! I need this game, it was so fun with coop!

This game is great. It feels so smooth, mechanics are great. Just there is one bad thing in whole demo, that pillar falling to the left on the top of the spikes.  It closed me on spikes and I died(maybe fix it to fall from left to right or dont have it there at all? )  But everything else just great!!!

super fun!

The way enemies fly away and hit the ground to explode and die is REALLY cool feedback for the player!

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