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I loved it a lot! Lots of fun! Reminded me of the all peaceful days when i was a child.

Excellent job and waiting for the whole game :D

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I completed the demo few times and I loved it. The game managed to put a smile on my face, just like from the old times when I played games a kid.. thank you for that. I also have to say that it works perfectly with GNU+Linux, a job well done devs! :)

Thanks! Glad that you liked the demo. We also had fun developing this game, hopefully (after the crowdfunding campaign) we can turn this into a full-fledged title.

if you dash at the exactly the same time as landing on a spring, you get teleport realy high

Loads of fun! I am really looking forward to see the further development of Unsong Warriors!

I love the art, the mechanics are fun and the story is intriguing! Great prologue :)

Thanks for sharing your video! 

No worries, I had fun, why not share it :D

This is an extremely fun game. The movement is fluid, the combat is fast paced. There is a store where you can buy upgrades and equip your character to match your play style.

My only gripe with the game is that jumping out of water is a little buggy.

Thanks for your kind words! 

The feedback on getting out of the water we got more often. We're going to attempt to fix that in an upcoming version. 

im just downloading the game now

so hopeing its good (:

I just finished this game, It's good :)

Hey, can you make it possible to configure the buttons A and B for SNES controllers? It's the only gamepad I have and I can't configure those buttons, thank you.

Wow, SNES, that's retro :). There are several connectors for SNES I see. Can you check if your controller is on this list?

Well, probably it's a Tomee SNES USB Controller, it's the only incompatible with Windows.

Ran through the demo on my Twitch stream. Game feels solid, physics felt a little odd to me but not in a bad way. (Could be faster maybe?) Will love to see how you folks expand on the atmosphere and whatnot; I see the tags say metroidvania so I'm curious how you're going to metroid it up!

Thanks! Be sure to check out the final bits of the crypt for a more metroidvania feel. Now that you have bombs, there is still a secret left to discover!

this is perfect game!

good job


Great game , tho I can't use the joystick of my Gamepad , only the D-Pad. I finished the crypt twice to buy all of the weapons , and had a lot of fun , I found the secret room "The name of the blessed will be reveal" , I also tried to translate the runic inscription on the gate but apparently , you inventend a rune the it's not a true runic phrase.

Thanks for the compliments! Someone else was having the same problem, but then the other way around. Can you tell us what controller you have, on which OS?

I used the controller Thrustmaster Dual Analgo 4 ; it's a ripoff of the Xbox controller but with all the button twisted , I played on Ubuntu 14.04

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Hmm, that's quite an exotic combination :). We're using Rewired, which supports a lot of controllers.  Unfortunately, not all controllers are known to be 100% compatible with every system. We'll update to a new version in the near future, hoping that that fixes it. 

Cool that you've tried to translate the runic text... In the next update, there will be a different text on the wall. :)

Seems like a really cool game so far, but when I entered some different controls I accidently put esc as attack and, the game has become un playable since, I tried re downloading but it doesn't work, but looks really cool. :)

Hmm, interesting, gonna see if we can reproduce that. What happens if you start the game? Can you still navigate your mouse?

Thanks for the quick reply!. I can still move the mouse its just when I go to the settings, and click controls, it takes me to the audio, and it doesn't let me do anything else except carry on the game, where I have to esc to attack, which would be a bit annoying.

I think I was able to reproduce this, we may have accidentally let you set a mouse key as a key binding in the game. Just fixed that, in the next update we'll ensure this cannot happen anymore. 

As for how to fix your situation... can you still use arrow keys and Enter to navigate through the menu? That way, navigate to Settings -> Controls -> check Keyboard and then select Set buttons P1 -> Reset to default. If this doesn't work, contact us directly and I'll think of a custom fix.

Ok ill try, top notch service by the way, some developers take ages to respond :)

We had a blast playing this one, love the artwork and the combat is very smooth.  Can't wait to play the full game.

Awesome game! Smooth animations and satisfying combat. Looking forward to the full game! 


I really loved this game!

Eu realmente amei esse jogo!

Portuguese (Brazil)  gameplay!

Gameplay em português (Brasil)!

Valeu pela tradução, rs. Vou testar o jogo.

Already have some good feedbacks here so I'm just passing by to report a bug that can be used to exploit the game.
If you attack (X) then start spamming the toggle item button (B) it will spam attacks.


Thanks! We're working on a fix. The exploit will be gone in the next update.

the game is really good

The multiplayer mode was lots of fun! We played it with Playstation controllers which worked well. We had fun discovering all the hidden features and played the complete demo at least twice. I am very thankful for the ability to play as a team; I just kept dying  trying to jump the pillars. Luckily my partner did a better job (;

Amazing story line tons of weapons

I did not find any but I am waiting for full game as I have completed it can you please tell me how much time it will take for full version

Thanks for your kind words. About the delivery date of the full game: that depends on the succes of our crowd funding campaign. Be sure to stay tuned for that!

Fantastic game

Looks fun. Do you plan to release full version on too once the game is complete?

Yes, if the upcoming crowdfunding campaign is a success. We would like to release the game on Itch and on Steam.

I'd like a GOG release too, but itch is fine as a DRM-free option.

i liked so much the game , good jod . Th boss it was very hard i took 6 hours XD

6 hours? That's a remarkable display of perseverance. :)

The beutiful game, aproved =D I using in Linux !!!

I wasn't sure if you guys realized one bug where when you hold down to aim the bomb, a white line/rectangle appears in the right corner above the aim curve. Awesome game though! Definitely funding, and keep up the good work. That was the only bug I encountered and it didn't affect gameplay at all. Thanks for the amazing game!

-Australian Boy

Also one question, will the full game have an adventure aspect when transitioning through levels, menu based, or cutscene linear?

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The full game has a heavy adventuring aspect. It's quest based. You travel to locations on a world map. 

The locations itself are levels like the one you've played in the demo. Some levels have multiple exits and can be visited multiple times.

Awesome! I can't wait!

Sharply spotted. Fixed it! Will be pushed to production in the next update.


this looks like a really fun game and i was really looking forward to playing it but sadly i have a 32 bit pc thingy is there any way i could get a 32 bit version or something (im sorry if im sounding kinda annoying)

Hi, thanks! We don't any 32 bit hardware to test it on. Could you contact us? Then we can provide you with a 32bit download. If it works for you, we'll consider making it generally available.


Made a video 

Very nice game. Great simplistic design, aesthetics, controls. Really fun. One little glitch though, if you attack then switch items really fast, you can do the same attack indefinitely. Made the game too easy but still very cool.

Good find! We're going to fix that.

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amazing co-op ! We really enjoyed it and looking forward when the full game is released!


Goofin Group

Great playthrough guys! The collapsing crypt part is hilarious! There are not many co-op video's out there. Thanks for this one!

It was my first 2D Game ever at my channel and i really enjoyed playing it! :)

Danke! Was able to brush up on my German a little :)

Yeah, and dont Worry. Germans don't talk like i did in some scenes :D I am a troll sometimes :X

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Very Good game only i had struggles at the begin when the first time you need to fight to skulls but you can make a objective then i would understand it more. :) , if you Want that more players gonna play it there need to be online gamemodes : Multiplayer
a good game no bugs so ye Thx that i can play it

Thanks for your feedback! Good to hear you enjoyed it!

Online Multiplayer is not in our scrope. With the current set up of the game, that's too complex for a team of 2 devs to implement. Let alone ensuring maintenance and security. Couch coop is a good opportunity to meet up with your friends though :).

Very tasty bit! Looks nice, plays nice, and there is even a story.

I'd really appreciate option to exchange items & gold between players.


Thanks for the kind words!  Good idea about exchanging gold/items between players.  We'll take that into consideration.

Really good demo. It took me a few minutes to master the controllers I found it enjoyable all the way through. Can;t wait for the full release.



I got a copyright claim on your game background music. 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I had not expected this would happen. I bought a license for this song, so I'm going to take it up with the vendor. The song was specifically marketed as suitable for games, so I would assume that includes gameplay videos. Will get back to this asap.

Meanwhile, if you still want to keep your video, you can have the song removed by Google's AI. The other audio will still be there.

We're sorry about this, we'll do our best to fix it.


Yes I want to keep my video. Sir you said you have the license for the song in your game then I will file for a dispute, so that they will re check it once more.


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Please wait with filing a dispute, we're looking into things as we speak. I will get back on this today.

Edit: I've written a blog poston the matter. If you have any questions, be sure to let us know!



Hey! Played a bit of this on my channel! :D

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This game was really good! I did end up experiencing a few bugs that are shown in the video. I can't wait to see more of this game! 

Also if you guys enjoy watching indie games or anything off of itch than feel free to stop by my channel

Aw, that's quite an annoying bug, sorry about that. What OS (win/mac/linux) are you using to play? Any specific controllers or  just keyboard? Will do our best to reproduce and fix. At least happy that you liked the rest :).

I am on windows 10 and using mouse and keyboard. Out of the 3 hours I played of the game that was really the only bug that happened with a few other small ones.

This demo is really good. I had a lot of fun. My only gripe was that I wasn't able to use the D-Pad on my PS4 controller (the hats). Other than that, really good and will definitely play this when it fully comes out!

Ow, I play on PS4 controller myself and I think it's the best way to play it, so definitely want to fix that for you. Could you tell us how you connect your controller (wired, bluetooth...) and what hardware you're using (win/mac/linux)? Then I can try to reproduce it.

Sorry about the late response. I have connected my controller via a cable and am not using DS4windows or anything like that. I'm using windows 7 home. 

Hmm, I tried it on serveral PC's but I was not able to reproduce this. The d-pad (and the stick) work on all PC's with my DS4. Also not using any additional software. Maybe you can try it on a different PC and see if it works there? Or try connecting by bluetooth? 

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Yeah, I just tried it with another PC and it worked. Probably something wrong with my drivers or something.


Yay, we're rich! ;)

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