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Castle Crashers Platformer?

Really dope so far Full Playthrough here with SECRET ROOM! ;) Forsure will play the entire game when it releases.

Neatly done! And thanks for the compliment. Stay tuned for our crowd funding!


I liked the mechanisim of the gameplay on how you can use other than just a sword/shield and a bow to diversify your gameplay by magic/lech weapon to gain some health and bomb!! to deal high damage and consume the "blue bar" at full, that's really creative and I really enjoyed every second of it and I really hope to see the full version soon to continue playing, here's my rating overall:

❤ Audience ❤
☐ Beginner
☐ Casual Gamer
☑ Normal Gamer
☐ Expert

☼ Graphics ☼
☐ Bad
☐ Alright
☑ Good 
☑ Beautiful (I'd say 8.5/10

☐ Fantastic

♬ Music ♬
☐ Bad
☑ Alright
☐ Good 
☐ Beautiful 
☐ Fantastic 

☠ Difficulty ☠
☐ Easy
☑ Average 
☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master 
☐ Hard
☐ Unfair 

§ Bugs §
☐ Bugs destroy the game
☐ Lots of bugs
☐ Few Bugs
☐ You can use them for speedrun
☑ Nothing encountered

☯ Story ☯
☐ There is none
☐ Bad
☐ Alright
☑ Good (I loved the enteraction with the ghost and the two brothers with the king "*spoiler: also the ladder guy" ; ) )
☐ Fantastic

⚔ Gameplay ⚔
☐ Frustrating
☐ Sleepy
☐ Repetitive 
☑ Fun
☐ Challenging 

۞ Game time / Length ۞
☑ Really short (0 - 3 hours)  *since it is only a demo of course
☐ Short (4 - 7 hours)
☐ a Few hours (20 - 30 hours)
☐ Long (40-50 hours)
☐ Very Long (51-100 hours)
☐ Extremely Long (101+ hours)

$ Price / Quality $
☑ Free/demo
☐ Wait for Sale
☐ Buy it
☐ Don't buy
☐ Refund it if you can

Thank you so much! Stay tuned for our crowd funding.

Really nice work with this build. The pacing was especially good. Bring on the Kickstarter. :)

Oh, and Youtuber-related note, got a copyright claim on the video from the omnipresent AdRev for 'Running From Danger - 3 Min Fadeout 2 - HDMN '. That delayed publishing the video by... half a day. 

Thanks for the video! It's fun to see all the different tactics that people use to defeat the end boss. You even took the time to go back twice to discover new stuff!

I had to see what was behind that door. :) 

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Haha, that was the intention!

It was very fun. I did not have enough money to buy better weapons so I defeat Skeleton Boss using arrows and dash attacks.

Thanks, also for the feedback! If you finished the boss I suppose you have enough coins now ;).

Congratulations, you have done a job well done. The game is well balanced between difficulty and playability. When it is finished it will be a great game to play on PC or any other mobile platform.

Thanks for your kind words and the video! Stay tuned for future developments :)


Really solid stuff you've got here! The art direction is awesome, the action works pretty well and the events of the dungeon always keep you on your toes! While it does feel a little lacking in mechanical depth for solo play, I'm sure it really shines in co-op!


Going into the final boss rooms with just the default loadout? You've got guts dude ;). 

Thanks a lot for playing our game! For the remaining part, you can consider spicing things up with a bigger weapon or some magic spells (you can scroll down the buy list in the shop for more options). You can still head back to the shop on the left when you continue the boss level.

Other than that, love the playthrough! Cool how you're figuring out certain design choices (eg 16:42). And much appreciate the feedback. The more we get, the further we can take this project.

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