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i just wanna money to buy a 64-bit windows 10 pc 

Great platformer!

this game is great, so funny :D

hey can you make for windows 32-bit?

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We don't have a 32 bit build on due to technical reasons. You can however get a 32 bit build on Steam

una pregunta, el juego completo va a tener modo online?

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callao lacra

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Dear Devs,

Is there any planned release date for the full version? I can't wait. Played prologue with friend and it was GREAT!

Thanks for your kind words :). Not release date yet! We're working on it in our spare time, so it's hard to give a planning. You can subscribe to our news letter to stay up to date:

Already subscribed, can't wait for that! Thank you for quick reply!

Mikel Fick and Ramon Van, I must thank you for your work, I really enjoyed the demo prologue and I sincerely wanted to keep playing! I downloaded the demo a while ago, but I didn't have time to play it until now (March 13, 2020). The game is very intuitive, the graphics are incredible (Within what it offers, of course) And if it's very entertaining, perfect for burn some fun :) The Skeleton Boss was hard to kill, I figured since the game gave you the option to play with someone else, I thought this Boss was made for two players, but in the end it could. I look forward to the full game, I have a YouTube channel called THECATGO, and if the finished game exceeds my expectations, I will not hesitate to give it a bit of publicity in a video.

My Requests and advice (if any have already implemented it Forget it)

1.- That the game is also in Spanish (My mother tongue is Spanish and it would be great if it were)

2.- That the character has more animations and fighting skills. They would be giving the puppet more life and expanding the controls.

3.- It would also be nice if we as players could customize our appearance. Although I think they will not take that into account because the game has a history and follows the blond protagonist.

4.- That the enemies drop more coins, I did not have enough to compare better weapons and powers to face the Skeleton Boss :(

That's all for now :)

A few requests / suggestions that should be fairly easy to implement.

1. Please provide an option to toggle the hud off. 

2. Please provide an option to zoom in and move the viewing area down (so that the gameplay feels more centered like the preview videos on

3. The game feels a little too difficult.   The boss battle in particular dragged on too long.  Please provide difficulty options.  On average, the enemies feel about 4 times too strong.  So, if there were an easy mode where the weapons were stronger or the enemies were weaker (or both), that would be fantastic.

4.  Please give an option to remove the stamina / wait for using the bow and arrow repeatedly.

5. Please let players skip cutscenes.

6. The jump feels incredibly weak, often causing me to miss jumps.  To compensate, I have to double jump every time.  Please make the default jump about 30% - 50% higher (but, still also include the double jump).

Hi. Thanks for your suggestions. We're not changing the prologue anymore, as we're fully focussed on working on the full game. Some things (like skipping cutcenes) will likely be included, other things (such as jump distance) are a matter of personal preference, of which the current setting suits best our vision for the game. Hope this keeps you excited :) 

aaww man im so excited for the full game now

loved the concept, if i were to give suggestions the only one would be  about the running section (where the cave is collapsing) i got stuck in it because one of the pillars kept falling on my head and making me teleport through the floor

Very good game, will be waiting for the full release

Thanks, that's great to hear! We're taking your suggestion on board for the full game.

I really like the fighting and the hidden areas with the money because I liked the weapon designs and needed some for the one i wanted i also the the platforming element and the puzzles. The story sound like it is going to be good i cant wait to see what you do with the full game

Really good game 10/10

is unsung warriors full buy or free? because i want the full free

Very Dope! Keep up the great work.

Amazing demo !!!

Wooooowwwww I CANNOT wait to play this on my couch later!! (at work lol)

I Loooveeed

Very good, i need to continue...

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his looks like a fun game just downloading now and when i get and play i tell you what i think tommorow!


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